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View Diary: Bush cut Hurricane projects in New Orleans (47 comments)

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  •  I love New Orleans but.... (3.00)
    Why is it always the Federal Government's responsibility?  If the state of Louisana knew these cuts were made what did they as residents do?  

    I realize this is not popular however, everyone knows New Orleans is below sea level.  Just as everyone who lives on a coast knows Hurricanes do happen.  Just as I know living in Ohio Tornados happen.

    Given Congress has no problem passing pork to build bridges into Alaska, there is obviously money that could have been better spent.

    As much as I am not a fan of Bush, I don't see how this one can be layed at his door.  

    •  first... (4.00)
      Given the oil situation we've discussed on here already, I'd say that protecting New Orleans against hurricanes is definitely a national issue, maybe even a national security issue. Not to mention the vast potential for loss of life.

      I'll leave you with this quote, from one of the many articles I found on this (below, in my other post):

      "The earthquake community gets over $100 million a year for research from the federal government through the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program that was started in the 1970s, while the federal investment for hurricane and wind damage is only less than $5 million -- even though hurricanes cause more dollar damage and kill far more people year in and year out than earthquakes do," said Marc Levitan, director of the LSU Hurricane Center.
    •  Why Save NO? The City is nearly 300 Years Old... (4.00)
      1. The City is Nearly 300 years old
      2. Nearly Half a million people live there
      3. It is the third largest shipping port in the world supporting hundereds of thousands of workers all around the area
      4. They have EXCELLENT FOOD AND FUN
      5. The city is as much a part of America as any other part of the country
      6. The people who live there pay federal taxes too and they deserve to get a return on investment as much as any of us
      7. This kind of thing is what tax money really is for - to protect EVERYONE - Tax money contrary to popular belief is not collected to hand over the Halliburton for nothin in return for the people of the United States.

      The cuts in the budget for this and so many other worth-while projects are directly related to a two-fold attitude at BushCo - Heartlessness and Greed.
      •  Reason #5 (4.00)
        is enough - it is part of America, and therefore part of our collective responsibility to each other. We are supposed to be the United States, after all.

        It is not the responsibility of the state to help its citizens get into heaven nor to save them from hell.

        by Dan K on Sun Aug 28, 2005 at 03:30:07 PM PDT

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