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  •  OMB Circular A-76 (4.00)
    "the general policy of the Government to rely on commercial sources to supply the products and services the Government needs. "

    "Competition enhances quality, economy, and productivity. Whenever commercial sector performance of a Government operated commercial activity is permissible, in accordance with this Circular and its Supplement, comparison of the cost of contracting and the cost of in-house performance shall be performed to determine who will do the work. When conducting cost comparisons, agencies must ensure that all costs are considered and that these costs are realistic and fair."

    As a former Fed Gov't employee, I can tell you that gov't employees and management fight this tooth and nail.  The studies alone are time consuming and costly.  It's a noble idea that private industry can do the job cheaper than gov't employees "slopping at the public trough", but we usually found that private industry was more interested in the money than the service.  Contracts were constantly amended to increase the amount paid, because some little item of required performance was omitted.

    Gov't employees, lots of them, care about their jobs and see themselves as public servants, will roll out to do a job without being told to, just because they are proud of what they do.  Are there some that ain't worth a tinkers damn?  Yep.  Same as private industry where a VP has to hire and pay his cousins brother in law, etc. and where the incentive lots of times is to see just how much they can get from the stupid government (not thinking about the fact that it's the taxpayers that are footing the bill).

    I rant ....

    •  I might buy into the notion... (none)
      ..that contracting saves money if I ever saw these guys run a truly competitive process.  And if I ever saw them hold a contractor to his bid price.

      But in reality, the process reeks of cronyism, no-bid contracts, backroom deals, featherbedding, and influence-peddling.

      With no Congressional oversight.

      I rant.

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