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View Diary: Why Arnold's Redistricting Plan is a Disaster for Democrats Nationwide (66 comments)

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  •  KISS--Keep It Simple, Stupid! (none)
    This is a great discussion to have here, but remember, when we go out in the world, we want to Keep It Simple, Stupid!

    Toward that end, I suggest the following:

    (1) Look at Pennsylvania.  What the GOP is trying to do here is similar to what they did in PA. The trick is that Democrats are more concentrated in inner cities than Republicans are in suburbs. So you get 90% Dem districts in the inner cities, and 60% Rep districts in the burbs. Guess which there are more of?  PA is battleground state--fairly balanced overall, went to Kerry last year. But its Congressional delegation is 11-7 GOP.

    (2) Just say no!  Redistricting should be done once every census cycle. Doing it toward the end of a cycle--not even the middle!--is nothing but a form of political mischief no matter how good it sounds.

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