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View Diary: Why Arnold's Redistricting Plan is a Disaster for Democrats Nationwide (66 comments)

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  •  OK, how can we get people to grasp this quickly? (none)
    The logic of this is fairly subtle, I think, and isn't going to be able to "grab" people right off the bat. The idea of taking elected politicians out of the districting process is very appealing. I think that at least two things are required to get the word out on this.

    First, an easy-to-understand graphic that can be published in newspapers and put on signs. Everyone understands the red/blue symbolism: since Arnolds plan not only creates this finely nuanced gerrymander but also gives much larger amounts of territory to Republicans, a red/blue state map, even if you get into shades of purple, should be compelling.

    Second, there needs to be a specific alternative that can be used as a basis of comparison, and that is just as obviously neutral as the Arnold plan is biased toward the Republicans. The existing plan must be contrasted with each one. If I understand this whole thing correctly, one way to do this would be to use voter registration records for the preceding 10 years to build in a control against gerrymandering based on simple arithmetic.

    Perhaps the alternative could simply use all of the rules of Arnolds plan plus gerrymander control and a rule that redistricting can be done only once, within one year of each federal census.

    Greg Shenaut

    •  Anyone Else Have Ideas Also? (none)
      This is the million dollar question... literall.

      The campaigns for and against Prop 77 are going to raise and spend millions to get their messages out.  

      The No message is much harder to get out, since it is more subtle.

      I think the idea of a graphic with Red and Blue California is good, but I think it might only work with Democrats.  There's other arguments against the initiative here that might work better with Reps and Dems.

      What other arguments are there?

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