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View Diary: Just watched a rescue and I am so furious!!!!!!! (236 comments)

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  •  It's better (4.00)
    for the Guard to fight sandstorms in Iraq than have them fight hurricanes here. /snark

    Restore Democracy! Denounce the GOP (George Orwell's Party)!

    by high5 on Tue Aug 30, 2005 at 12:51:24 AM PDT

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      Louisiana's National Guard is in Iraq, when they are needed here to cope with Katrina.  President Bush sent them to Iraq to fight his war of choice, leaving Louisiana without the rescue helicopters and trained guardsman that could be saving American lives.  This is one more example of Bush's blunders costing our country dearly.  President Bush went into the National Guard to dodge service in Vietnam, but now that he is safely out, he has sent our National Guard to the deserts of Iraq, leaving our citizens without the rescue resources needed to recover from Hurricane Katrina.  Now Bush will take a break from his five week vacation to fly over Louisiana and Mississippi, distracting the rescue workers from their jobs and actually slowing down the rescue effort to play political games.  President Bush and his misguided policies at home and abroad have been a huge disaster for this country, worse than ten hurricanes.  It is time for Bush to take a permanent vacation, he should resign from office or be impeached.

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