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View Diary: Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief - $15,161.08 Raised and Counting (292 comments)

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  •  who can make it happen? (none)
    It would be really great to have a friendly bipartisan effort to call for donations. I think it's a good idea.  Not sure about the competition part of it, but it would be cool to link conservative and progressive blogs into a joint effort.  

    Who can make this happen?

    •  We can. (none)
      If I see response to my suggestion, I'll post a diary looking for volunteers to set up webpages, create graphics, contact the red cross about us setting up webpages where totals can be tallied, and (this is the hard part) contacting the freepers and issuing the challenge (assuming we make it a challenge)

      My thought was the competition would increase interest and donations.

      But it could also be construed as a game being played while people suffer and I'm not so sure that is the way to go.  Maybe simply a "political blogs help America" with people from all sides of the spectrum contributing in one place is a better idea.

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