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View Diary: Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief - $15,161.08 Raised and Counting (292 comments)

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  •  many disaster response teams are en route (none)
    I just got back to my home just east of Pensacola, from a hotel where I evacuated four hours east of here. On the road west, I passed a huge number of vehicles constituting aid from many different states, all heading toward the disaster areas.

    I started tallying them up at one point, and here's what I passed (approx. numbers):
    *6 dozen Energy Delivery Services vehicles from North Carolina
    *2 Animal Emergency Services vehicles
    *What appeared to be the entire City of Brooksville Emergency Response Team, led by the police chief's vehicle (not sure what state this city is in)
    *About a dozen other Disaster Response Teams from various states and one from the Seventh Day Adventists
    *2 dozen tree service vehicles from Virginia
    *Pickups and flatbeds carrying generators
    *Hundreds of moving vans and U-Haul type trucks, which I finally figured must be carrying supplies, as I doubt that many people would be moving west via I-10 right now

    And when I pulled off at my exit, the gas stations in all directions as far as I could see were jammed with more emergency and tree service vehicles.

    •  That is freaking (none)
      AWESOME to read, chanedor.  I can't even remember which hurricane it was either last season or the season before - perhaps Isabel?  At any rate, it hit North Carolina.  I had been at a conference in the Outer Banks as it approached and left the day before it came ashore.  On the way home (to No. VA) I saw scads of emergency service vehicles for power, tree removal, etc.

      I hope the folks you saw got the word that 10 won't get them into New Orleans - it's all broken in spots and they can't get through!

      The revolution is coming... and we ARE the revolution. 65W40S

      by RenaRF on Tue Aug 30, 2005 at 03:41:26 PM PDT

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