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View Diary: UPDATED: Kos & Redstate Help Katrina Victims (17 comments)

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  •  While that's true, (none)
          I know that, e.g., there is a "Blood Bowl" between University of Michigan and Ohio State every year to see who can donate more blood. So, if it doesn't get overly competitive or crass, maybe Kos "vs." Redstate could do some good?
    •  There's the rub (2.00)
      I think the very idea, at least in the context of a catastrophic situation like this one, is inherently "overly competitive or crass." If not both. It's one thing to hype a rivalry when there's nothing at stake but pride. It's another thing altogether when lives are at stake.
    •  o/t (none)
      stanford and berkeley do this too, before the Big Game.  berkeley students form 2 lines, one to give blood and one to protest that queer males cannot.

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