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View Diary: FUBAR: The Rest of New Orleans is Going Under. (255 comments)

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  •  Wasn't there a post earlier... (none) another diary about how long it took to fill a levee breach in a California incident?  Something like several weeks to months...

    It can be done, but doing anything on this scale on short notice is the real challenge, and I somehow doubt that it would be completed in time to save New Orleans.

    •  I saw that (none)
      My recollection is different or it is of another completely different incident.  It took forever to drain the thing, but then it was an agricultural "island" as we  call them here, in the middle of our delta.  No rush.  But I recall watching the fill job on TV.  Went fast.  Dump boulders, dump fines, tamp, repeat.  It went lickety split.  Pace it off.  300 feet is the depth of two suburban residential lots, or, the length of 15 large dump trucks, ie 15 loads times what, three layers?

      Which minority group would Jesus hate?

      by NorCalJim on Tue Aug 30, 2005 at 10:12:03 PM PDT

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