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View Diary: FUBAR: The Rest of New Orleans is Going Under. (255 comments)

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  •  That this post got replies (none)
    You never can tell.

    To recap:

    1.5 million NO's +500k Gulf Coasters are Refugees.

    All the MSM say over a hundred are Believed(?!) dead 10's of thousands are homeless.

    100000 are wounded maimed dying. At least.
    Based on the Attitude of NO Saturday nite. At least 500000 stayed.  You've got a million refugees somewhere.

    The city is on the verge of becoming extinct.

    At least 8 refineries are down.

    Gasoline will be $3.50 by Wed Nite.  If you can find it.

    Until CNNFOX MSM goes live without Commercials, the Suits of Manhattan DC don't get it.

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