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  •  wrote this as a craiglist rant... (4.00)
    just before the election:

    To all the religious fundamentalists out there who are voting for Bush:

    Dear religious fundamentalists and others of faith who are voting for our President incumbent George Bush.  I am sitting here in my liberal democratic, good and decent home pondering the incalculable, how a man with such a terrible record as President could possibly be re-elected.  How the polls show Bush and Kerry, neck-in-neck and the outcome terribly close. How 50% of the country actually supports the swine, the unintelligible baboon that has alienated us from the rest of the world to support his own zealotry (not to mention his pocketbook).  I sit here and ponder how it could be so and I come up with very little of sense.  

    Friends have told me that Bush has a vast support group in the moral majority, the religious right and others (perhaps less fundamentalist) of faith but it baffles me that these people could not see how unchristian and unholy our drunken, coke-snorting retard of a President is.  Other friends have suggested that Conservatives and Republicans are driven by racism and are out to protect the sanctity of being white and rich.  However, there is also a strong block of African American voters who support Bush because they, too, are Christian and oppose gay marriage (and other rights that America should protect).

    Since I cannot make head nor tail of the logic behind this tremendous difference of opinion I will throw out my opinion in hopes that it may sway a few of these so-called Christians to come-to-Jesus, as it were.  I understand that some of you believe that George Bush has been chosen by God to lead this country but have you ever thought, for one small moment, that perhaps he is batting for the other team?  No, I'm not calling him a lesbian, I mean, what if his right hand man isn't God or Cheney but the Devil himself.  Wouldn't that be ironic?  All you frickin' righteous weirdoes out there think you're voting for this GREAT guy and you've all been tricked by Mr. Evil himself, that guy with red skin and horns who's waiting down there in that hot place for the lemmings who can only do what their pastor tells them instead of thinking for themselves.  As a side note, I suspect that the real people going to heaven are the Atheists like me who think hard about critical issues of morality and right vs. wrong while making choices bases on hard wrought personal beliefs, NOT dipshits who pretend to be highly moral and then go out and hire hookers and snort coke.

    But I digress...

    Back to Satan's duplicitous genius. Think about it, the nation is torn apart ideologically, the prospect of a never-ending crusade against the Muslim people is imminent, nuclear annihilation is a distinct possibility. Bush and his horny-headed team are working day and night in secrecy attempting to reduce our country from a land of freedom and democracy (hello, our founding principles) to a land of dictatorship without separation of church and state (hello, another fundamental quality of our government).  Now, I may just be a heathen, a-religious yahoo but none of this sounds very GOOD at all.  I would reckon that most Christians don't want to die a nuclear death as much as the next guy.  However, I do understand the power of faith and the willingness to die for one's cause or religion.  I can understand people supporting Bush if they believe it is the will of God, but the problem is, it ain't!  God lost a bet or something because what Bush is doing AIN'T God's work.

    Let's recap: Jesus Christ is NOT in the White House folks, we may as well refer to it as the Red House because Satan is at the helm, not the Almighty that you all are banking on.  That's right, you all think that Bush was appointed by God, anointed to the highest position in all the land to save your worshipping asses and conduct the world according to God's will.  BOY ARE YOU STUPID.  I don't see anything Godly in the works of our President, all I smell is sulfur and I'm pretty sure that hump on his back is a pointy little tail.

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