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View Diary: For SICK Photo-ops -- THIS TAKES THE CAKE!!! (200 comments)

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  •  Hey maybe if we're lucky (none)
    Georgie will perform at the Support Our Freedom (from accountability) march on the graves of 9/11 victims extravaganza.  Maybe a little dueling banjoes number with Clint Black while Karl reenacts the squeal like a pig scene.
    •  Bark Like A Dog You Bitch (none)
    •  There was a diary lst week that scrolled away. (none)
      Since you appear to be from Philly, you'll want to check into what the diary reported:

      The diarist's friend, who is in the National Guard out west was notified to be ready to deploy to Philadelphia on 9/11. The speculation was that Bush would do some kind of event there comparing the new Iraq constitution to our founding/Independence Hall/Liberty Bell......

      •  Thank you! (none)
        Can you point me to the comment if it's easy to find?
        •  Found it: (none)
          9-11, Rove, and Philadelphia
          by Whiskey Sam [Subscribe]
          Fri Aug 26th, 2005 at 17:23:42 EDT

          This starts out as a friend of a friend post - but I start to think it may have legs.  

          A friend of mine has a friend in the military.  I know this isn't the most credible way to start, but hear me out.  

          He has been called to be in Philadephia of all places on 9/11 this year.  

              * Whiskey Sam's diary :: ::

          the friend claims that this is a large security request - lots of guardsmen and lots of ammo.  he is NOT receiving a lot of information about WHY he has to be in Philly or what's going on, and in fact, he's a little worried that they had to call him at all.  he's not a Penn. Guardsman (he's from a Northwestern State), so it seems that every available active duty person is going to Philly for 9/11.


          the guy who was telling me all this - he and I kicked it around a little bit...  and it's all too simple and disgustingly Rovian..

          America's Constitution - Philadelphia.  

          Iraq's Constitution - planned to be complete by 9/11.  

          How much you wanna freaking bet that George is going to be in Philadelphia on 9/11 to parallel Iraq's Civil War producing Constitution with the birth of America in 1776?

          We pretty much KNOW this is going to happen - so let's make the preemptory strike!  DO NOT LET BUSH USE THE BIRTH OF THIS NATION TO SUGGEST THAT THIS IRAQ MESS WAS PART OF SOME NOBLE EVENT

          It's going to happen...  I'm almost positive of it.

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