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View Diary: Katrina Victims: What's Your Proposal To Help Them? (124 comments)

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  •  A Marshall plan in the long run. (none)
    The government has an absolute moral responsibility to get these people on their feet again.

    Until we have a government that acts responsibly, we are going to have to organize ourselves and push them out of our way. I would ask for volunteers from every sector to step forward (disaster management, engineering, disease control) to work on an immediate plan to stablize the situation as much as possible. I would ask everyone to put a stop to their lives for two weeks and sign up to help in some way or another in their own community to organize food, clothing, and medicine donations. I would call on people in the construction trades to come down and donate time and labor. I would ask lumber companies and companies like Home Depot and Lowes to donate materials. I would get grief and trauma counsellors in their as fast as possible. I would give anyone who donated two weeks of their time and labor some kind of benefit (like a year's tuition at the state university for themselves or a family member, or other rewards, depending on what people need).

    Part of the reason that it is so devastating is that many people were TOO POOR TO LEAVE. This state of affairs is MORALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

    •  Red Cross called for Volunteers to sign up (none)
      the question I had, what kind of skills do you need to have to actually work at the disaster areas and help in the clean-up and reconstruction work? I wonder how many people have just an urge to go down there and help, but don't know how and what they could do and where to sign up for any kind of work to help.

      It's the noble cause, stupid!

      by mimi on Tue Aug 30, 2005 at 08:22:44 PM PDT

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      •  someone from the Red Cross (none)
        was saying they mostly just need people to hand out food and water, stuff like that.
      •  It seems like there should already be (none)
        several websites organized around certain skills soliciting volunteers. It is striking to me that no single leader or leadership group has emerged to try to get this under control. It seems like some ex-military could do it if there are NO civilians who can do it.

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