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View Diary: Katrina Victims: What's Your Proposal To Help Them? (124 comments)

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  •  First question is: How many refugees are there? (none)
    How many survivors will there be? I've heard estimates that up 70,000 were still in New Orleans before the levees broke. How many got out? How many didn't? In order to plan for something like this you have to know that.

    All day NPR has been repeating the "80 dead in one county alone" tidbit because it was all they or anyone had. The latest reports describe "utter devastion". I had to turn it off.

    •  if 80% of the city (none)
      is flooded, the homeless include those that evacuated and those who didn't.  If you haven't seen the chopper videos, many, many residential neighborhoods are utterly wiped out.

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