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View Diary: Katrina Victims: What's Your Proposal To Help Them? (124 comments)

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  •  I thought that (none)
    some of this occurred after 1993, and I think that the rebuild of NOLA should take the saem tack.  We should be building cities on solid foundations, not sand, so to speak. I hope you don't get upset but I'm going to put up a thread so I don't hijack DHinMi's diary here, and I'm going to put this up there.
    •  Sounds fine to me (none)
      The idea isn't to downplay the tragedy that everyone is facing now, but to begin to think about how to keep these sorts of things from happening repeatedly. And engineers are beginning to realize that working with, not against, natural processes works best in long run. When an area is completely destroyed, that's the time for completely rethinking the approach.  And that goes for the entire Florida and Gulf Coasts, not just New Orleans....

      Anyway, enough of the tangent...

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