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  •  Totally Unprepared ... (4.00)
    For all the talk upon endless media talk about how this could the "mother of all storms", the "perfect storm", a storm of bibilical proportions or the storm we've all feared would someday happen, it is remarkable that so little advanced contingency planning appears to have been implemented or to have been implementable.

    They said the levees would not hold, but yet no steps were taken to shore them up ahead of the storm.

    No preparations appear to have been made to prepare for the aftermath of a worst-case scenario.

    Although the city of New Orleans gave the advance warning to head out ... it appears that they were woefully unprepared to evacuate the elderly and the poor.

    So ... all those millions of dollars in studies .. and all those experts on T.V. now telling us how they were all correct in their forecasts ... but the one thing they haven't talked about is ... what were the contingency plans ... what were the after-storm evacuation plans .. what were the search-and-rescue preparations? And why haven't they been implemented?

    I'm shocked and stunned that in a nation as technologically advanced as ours ... that our government could fail its citizens so miserably in a natural disaster that they kept telling us was sure to happen. For all those years of studies and all those millions of dollars spent studying this very worst-case scenario,  very little ingenuity or planning or simple coordination appears to have occurred. This is unbelievable.

    For what purpose does a national government serve, if not to marshall the resources and quickly respond to such historic natural disasters as this?

    Our hopes and our prayers are with all those in the areas affected by the hurricane. It does seem rather inadequate to only be able to help by giving money at this point.

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