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  •  I'm sorry to say that my satire from... (4.00)
    ... from Sunday afternoon (pre-landfall) was eerily prescient:

    Bush to New Orleans: 'Don't worry. You're on our to-do list.'

    CRAWFORD, Texas August 28 (Rooters) - At a press conference on the veranda of his ranch in Crawford, Texas this morning, President Bush assured the "good folks of New Orleans" that, "You're already on our list of cities and countries to rebuild... though it may be a while before we get to you."

    Citing a lack of government funds for domestic programs due to tax cuts for wealthy contributors and the nation's ongoing "march to democracy" in Iraq, Bush noted that his staff had already added New Orleans to the administration's "rebuilding to-do list."

    "I think right now, you're sitting at about number seven, right after most of Afghanistan, and pretty much every major city in Iraq," Bush assured New Orleans residents.  "Hey," the President added cheerfully, "you're already in the top ten and and your town hasn't even been completely and utterly destroyed yet!"

    The President chuckled at the thought, adding, "But it sure looks like you folks are screwed."

    Bush then got on his bike and rode off down a dirt road, whistling "Stormy Monday."

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