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  •  FUCK CNN PART 2!! (none)
    From their piece of shit website that I would love to claim I never visit (though admittedly would be difficult to make that claim at this point):

    QuickVote:  Can looting be defended by necessity?
    Currently:  Yes - 45; No -55

    (Feel free to Freep the shit out of this).

    This is either:

    1. a bogus push-poll with falsified numbers where they're training the public to feel a certain way.

    2. non-falsified numbers but a mechansim for market research for the Rethugs.  This would be for the purposes of some wedge-issue framing.

    I would tend to hope/believe that option 1) is the winner.  It freaks me out to think that the CNN on-line viewership are so sub-human that they couldn't excuse the theft of a loaf of bread (Kevin Bacon's "Murder in the First" style).   Especially the way the questioned is framed - who the fuck would answer no????

    But even option 2) should generate lots of disgust via CNN's complicity in the Refucklican agenda.  I mean, is it just me, or is that one horribly tasteless artificial dichotomy especially in light of the incredible human suffering!

    •  Uh . . . (none)
      So are you saying that looting can be justified?
    •  Freshman Lit (none)
      In high school.  I feel like everyone needs to revisit Les Miserables.  Abridged is fine; just so people remember what the story was about.
    •  Trouble is... (none)
      ...most Americans don't understand the word "necessity" in this context.  

      "Necessity" isn't "I have three kids to drive to school -- I need a big gas-guzzling SUV!"

      It's "I have three kids and they haven't eaten in days.  I'm wading to what's left of the supermarket and grabbing some food."

      Rephrase the question: "Would you steal if your only alternative was watching your family starve?"  See how many more people say "Yes."

    •  stupid freepers (none)
      better to let you and your kids die because you feel too bad about ripping off a loaf of bread from walmart.


      Do it GREEN, know what I mean?

      by SonofFunk on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 09:02:25 AM PDT

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