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    I've seen an endless stream of neocon Bush apologist drivel on message boards today, for those who don't want to read those types of things. I'm paraphrasing. And sharing, if you wanted something to be upset about outside of this awful disaster.

    Most of the garbage I've read today is in the area of "what could Bush do anyway?", and "he's on vacation give him a break", and "a democrat wouldn't have done anything at all". I believe I read some thoughts about how Clinton is somehow responsible for the disaster in NOLA.

    Another favorite set of neocon garbage includes "he declared NOLA a disaster area before the hurricane hit", and "he's already back in Washington" (while he's still overnight in TX), and "he's been on TV talking about it" (I'm under the impression that the only context in which he was on TV was in broadcasts of his propaganda speeches, but I'm not certain). The apologists claim that anyone showing disdain for Bush golfing are lame, because apparently, during a national crisis, Bush can do whatever he wants with immunity. And some supporters refused to even believe he was golfing!

    This quote is verbatim:

    "President Bush isnt ignoring anyone.  He stepped up to the plate so fast it was amazing.  He has amassed one of the largest recovery efforts this country has ever seen.  Your are very wrong to cast the stones u do.  Say positive things, do positive things and in some way help these people.  This is an awful trajedy."

    The scariest garbage I read today includes a barrage of racist hatred directed at looters, how they should be shot, and how only black people commit crimes, and so forth. I won't bother with that but there you go.

    The zealotist garbage includes people quoting from the Bible and making claims that "the end is near!" and talking about how natural disasters "keep getting worse and worse" (which may be true according to recent news about global warming, but certainly not in a biblical end-is-near sense).

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