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  •  Semantics, indeed (none)
    Perhaps it is seen as a weakness around a site such as Daily Kos, but I am increasingly concerned with message. I understand this is a sandbox of sorts for us on the left, but sometimes I just want to scream when I see comparisons like that. Maybe I am doomed to become a strategist (and even a poor one at that).

    I do have a serious problem with getting Katrina anywhere near 9/11... those mere numbers just mean too many different things to too many different people, and I don't feel it's a legitimate comparison. Sure, all the water everywhere looks bigger right now, damage is everywhere, people will be without work... but recall the staggering hits the economy took back in 2001 (layoffs, poverty increases), or the aggressive foreign policies that changed our standing in the international community, even affecting trade. We won't be sending troops abroad for Hurricane Katrina. Those are among the reasons why I really think it is a bad idea to compare the two; it's a totally different beast. So in answer to 1) I'd say that the jury is still out on that. We're just two days down the road and I don't think the scale of the catastrophe can be determined at this time.

    As for 2), my response is an unequivocal no. There would absolutely be more money available for preparation if we weren't hemorrhaging cash in the Middle East, but I refuse to believe that 40 to 100 million dollars would have created a tremendously different outcome. More responsibility might fall on the state and local level, but evacuation was called for. On the coast, that's really the only ironclad safety measure. It happens to us out here on the coast of Georgia from time to time.

    In regards to New Orleans, the weakness to large hurricanes has been known for a long time. I don't recall any president taking the initiative on changing that situation. Hurricane preparation isn't really a national issue; perhaps it should be.

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