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  •  Damn airlines (none)
    My mom told me (so this is hearsay, and I apologize if I err) that Governor Blanco made a remark about how the airlines let the people of NOLA down.  Well, duh!  When I heard the airport was closed and flights stopped well BEFORE THE RAIN EVEN STARTED, I had to ask myself:  "Gee, could the fact that people weren't flying IN to New Orleans and therefore they couldn't make enough money from the flights have anything to do with that?  If the planning for a disaster that people KNEW was on the way was so damned good (as talking heads on CNN and FOX have occasionally remarked to my chagrin) then why didn't they have plane after plane after plane hauling ass to NOLA to haul asses out as fast as possible?"

    Oh, that's right, that would require humanitarianism, and our economic system worships only profit.  The ironic revenge will be that the damage done to the area will shoot fuel prices up and bankrupt several airlines.

    Sidenote:  that four-part photo with Bush strumming and scenes of disaster was fantastic and chilling.  PLEASE somebody put together the strum photo with the frosting-licking one!

    Karen in Austin

    Don't blame me; I didn't appoint the Supreme Court that appointed Bush.

    by Wife of Bath on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 06:07:58 AM PDT

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