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  •  I repeat what I said the other day... (none)
    ...because hindsight matters, because it is foresight for the next storm.

    Why didn't they evacuate people who could not leave "for free" by bus, plane, and train before storm got there.

    I am tired of reactionary policies...

    "Make the truth your litmus test."

    by independentchristian on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 07:16:36 AM PDT

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    •  It all happened too quick (none)
      Maybe they could have tried to get them out, but let's face it -- most Hurricanes, the water recedes, and its fair to argue that getting all those people out by buses couldn't have been done. I just think it was impossible to really forsee that something like this would happen.

      What REALLY annoys me is that the planes cancelled flights on Saturday night. They could have been flying out Sunday morning. They should be ashamed of themselves.

      "Getting on with my life means a life without my dear, sweet boy. I wish a little bike ride could help me get on with my life." Cindy Sheehan

      by Dunbar on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 09:06:18 AM PDT

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      •  It was not impossible to forsee... (none)
        ...something like this happening.  If it was then why did I forsee it?  Why did the Discovery Channel and other television networks run numerous specials years ago about what would happen if a "major hurricane" hit New Orleans?

        Hurricane junkie here.  They knew this was coming some day.  FEMA has been expecting it for years, but they had no plan to make sure that they got people out of the city.

        The federal government has the power and resources to evacuate people who could not get out, and they could have done it.  As for those who would not leave at all, they would have brought it on themselves, but the government could have taken people out starting Saturday morning (planes and trains) if not buses.

        "Make the truth your litmus test."

        by independentchristian on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 01:06:13 PM PDT

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