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  •  Reccomend if you want (4.00)
    Don't really need tips though.

    Somebody really needs to tell the White House that "1984" is a cautionary tale, not a political guidebook.

    by jabbausaf on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 04:51:40 AM PDT

    •  Fucking awesome (4.00)
      I misspelled recommend. I must be pissed.

      Incidentally, when I eventually get a website of my own, it'll be called "No Water No Ice".

      Somebody really needs to tell the White House that "1984" is a cautionary tale, not a political guidebook.

      by jabbausaf on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 04:53:16 AM PDT

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      •  Bush is slime, call him out (4.00)
        Great Diary, and of course the evil idiot Bush was still yukking it up with his rich cronies yesterday.  Now he's flown to DC to plaster on his "concerned" face in between bike rides and pretzel eating.

        What a disaster in New Orleans!  Bush doesn't give a damn about this country, he's too busy lining his pockets and invading sovereign nations to grab their oil to pay attention to local issues.

        My LTE on this subject yesterday was not printed, but we should keep hammering this point home, how many helicopters are in Iraq that could be used here?

        21st century disasters:

        1. Bush's Iraq quagmire
        2. tsunami
        3. Katrina
        •  hammer hammer hammer and I don't want (4.00)
          DeLay.  This is what happens when your priorities are elsewhere, be they on a bike path, golf course, guitar jammin', Iraq, or simply possessed by the netherworld of Dick.

          I want to see this again and again and again.

          Had these ongoing projects been continued, there's no doubt the damage would have been mitigated, if not altogether averted.

          How do we catapult this to fight against the propaganda that will undoubtedly come from the White House as W begins his "consolation tour."???

          Clinton's fault?  Not this time mofos!

        •  LTEs rule! Check these tips and guidelines! (none)
          We all have an angle to attack Bush on his handling of our environment, national guard, preparedness, etc. Let's flood the media with these converging points of view!
          Papers don't ignore what everybody thinks.

          Check these tips to Write Letters to the Editors that have more chances of getting published (the tips include a link to the Media Database to find local papers to target), and fire away!

          And feel free to bookmark these tips and pass the link around, too; they'll be useful again.

      •  Excellent dairy (4.00)

        Although I'm too much in shock to be able to shift to full outrage mode yet. No word yet from friends in Gulfport. Just 2 weeks ago bought plane tix to NO, we were going down there to see them for Christmas.

        And I've reached the point, after 5 years of daily, deliberate malfeasance by Bushco, that I read these things and part of me says, "This is about what I expected".

        And, I think you meant "Rich white fuckhead".

        As long as I count the votes, what are you going to do about it? - William Marcy Tweed

        by sidnora on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 06:20:06 AM PDT

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    •  Excellent. Recommended. (none)

      Strange and beautiful are the stars tonight, that dance around your head.

      by deepfish on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 04:55:35 AM PDT

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    •  You Coming Home Soon? (none)
      We need you here.  

      If you need to stay where you are, is there anything you or your buddies need?

      •  I'm going back to home station soon (4.00)
        But my home station is Okinawa.

        Of course, if you check the weather for that region, you'll see they've got problems of their own, in the form of two supertyphoons on track for them, with speeds and force equal to Katrina. Difference is, Okinawa is above sea level and they also build and prepare for this sort of thing. I seriously wish America could figure out how to prep for typhoons like the Okinawans do. In two years and many typhoons and supertyphoons there's never been a death that I've heard about.

        Somebody really needs to tell the White House that "1984" is a cautionary tale, not a political guidebook.

        by jabbausaf on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 05:21:49 AM PDT

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        •  I was stationed at... (none)
          Kadena AB from 11/84 thru 05/89... you have my sympathy.  Also, great diary.  Will definitely "reccomend".  I have had you hotlisted since your "300 things" diary... I forwarded it to some friends I keep in touch with since my usaf days.  

          Remember, Red. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. -Andy Dufresne

          by intolight on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 07:06:26 AM PDT

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    •  Thanks (none)
      for compiling this.  This is really important information.  Bush needs to be asked some tough questions on this from our lap dog press.

      The Republican Party: Redefining Oppression for the 21st Century

      by daveriegel on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 05:39:44 AM PDT

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    •  are you kidding me?!?!? (none)
      fuck the tips, how about a pulitzer???  b/c this is some amazing stuff!

      incompetence in iraq is getting us killed abroad, incompetence in 2001 gave us 9/11, incompetence again in 2005 is getting us the worst natural disaster (possibly) in american history & the loss of hundreds (1000s?) of lives.


      an article on MSNBC asks if Bush has learned from Ivan by tapping oil 4 days after Katrina (vs. 11 days with Ivan last year)

      um.  HOW CAN ANYONE think he learned anything?  You have to be able to ADMIT to a mistake in order to LEARN something.

      & we all know Bush has problems with that.

      Is there any way we can get this info to the NO mayor & get local city officials to launch an investigation?
      •  300 Years & Billions of Dollars (none)
        and New Orleans still didn't manage get it right.

        You have to wonder just what New Orleans and the Corp of Engineers have been up to for, say, the last 50 years or so.

        Given the billions of dollars the Corps and the City spent, you would think, at some point during the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s, that they would have figured out how to build levees strong enough to withstand a category 4 hurricane.

        They didn't. And now it's clear that an investigation into the actions of the Corps and New Orleans is in order.

        •  actually (none)
          erosion is a constant fight.  if you live by the coast, you will have to figure out how to prevent beach erosion.

          New Orleans (& the country) signed up for this by deciding to build a city in sub-sea level areas & their solution was levees.

          the point then is that we had to maintain the leeves constantly.

          & that's where the investigation should begin.

          there was a very good diary that covered how Bush diverted funds that were earmarked for levee repair & rebuilding to pay for Iraq.

          Furthermore, the deployment of La national guard to Iraq is another thing to investigate.

          The Army Corp of Engineers does (IMHO) a great job - but the politicians need to back them up.

          & in this case, they did not.

    •  Can't really recommend (none)

      Basically, the problem is the SELA project wouldn't have helped New Orleans in this case whether it was approved or not.

      Take a look at the map on page 5 of the report.  Almost all the SELA work was on the south side of the Mississippi River!  None of it was on the northern levees with the lake that failed and lead to the flooding of New Orleans.  The SELA project was primarily to address flooding from the Mississippi River not Lake Pontchartrain.

      If anything, they ironically saved the taxpayers money, as the new system would have still ended up under water.

      The levees on the lake side were only rated to withstand a hurricane of category 3 or less. They should have been replaced years ago; to be in place now, work should have started almost a decade ago.

      The local government decided to bet that they wouldn't suffer a direct hit.  On 8/29/2005, their luck ran out.

    •  brilliant piece!! (none)
      absolutely stunning..i've been posting the same article around myself, and I truly believe that this can't be printed and passed around enough. If this doesn't wake the populace up i have no idea what will..this time it's time it may be YOUR TOWN!!!

      "Calmer than you are Dude....calmer than you"

      by sula on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 02:50:53 PM PDT

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