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View Diary: Gambled and lost. Bush is responsible. (164 comments)

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  •  They don't like the truth (4.00)
    entering the story, it's unpatriotic to save an American city.

    That guy won't be on again.

    •  Notice that public officials are shying away (none)
      and dodging from talking publically  about storm death accounting , except in peripheral ways (bodies floating in water in NO, etc).

      Some MS public official was estimating that ~ 30% of the populations  of some of the communities hard hit gulf coast areas had chosen to stay behind to ride out the storm.  MS Gov Barbour was saying today  that their official count of 100  or more is based on  offiical coroner/funeral home reports.

      Ahem,  almost no funeral homes left, no cell phone communications, most residential areas still inaccessible or submerged.

      It is not inconceivable this could approach 911 in terms of direct deaths, after the counts are complete in a few weeks or so.

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