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View Diary: Gambled and lost. Bush is responsible. (164 comments)

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  •  That is the mother of all great lies. (4.00)
    I edited my first response in respect to those sensitive to vulgarisms.

    This will be the official truth about the crime  here, but it's still a lie.  Like all great lies it is woven around a truth so it will be believed by many, but you can't fool all the people all the time.

    I live a block away from the Fire House.  If my deck is struck by lightning that's an act of nature. If the fire spreads to the rest of the house, the damage is still caused by an act of nature. However, the extent of the damage could have been limited if the Fire Department had responded to my call promptly.  Instead the FD ignored my call until they finished cooking and eating their dinner, they didn't like the interruption.

    The FD says it was an act of God that destroyed my house.  That's a lie, but it started with a truth, as does your lie.

    •  My lie? (none)
      What lie?

      Am providing you my opinion about the strategy of playing the blame game, and the lies that are likely to be perpetrated in the event of a "blame game."

      •  The lie, (none)
        is that the results of nature's events were beyond anyone's control. Spin away, the SCLM is with ya, but its still a lie.

        "However, most Americans, myself included, will shy away from wanting to blame any one individual when this was clearly a catastrophic event perpetrated by nature."

        •  I am not spinning... (none)
          ...but am telling you how easily Bush's gang of thugs will maniuplate the "blame game" to their advantage.
          •  Sorry, I just read you words, (none)
            then quoted them back.
          •  They can try (none)
            but that dog don't hunt.

            There's too much on the record. And when the Pres tries to blame the local/state gov (some of whom are Republican - for now, anyway) they are NOT going to want to take the fall. Not for this.

            Because it's NOT their fault. The lack of funding falls TOTALLY on the backs of the Congress and the Pres. Both rethug controlled.

            Again, for now, anyway...

            •  I wish you were right about this, (4.00)
              but you're not.  Watch for the meme "corrupt Louisiana Democrat machine" -- it's what a Texan first thinks of when Louisiana is mentioned anyway.

              That, and a Dear Leader in Time of Crisis is never wrong.

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