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View Diary: Gambled and lost. Bush is responsible. (164 comments)

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  •  This isn't the same (none)
    9/11 was, in all fairness, pretty unexpected. Not completely, especially if you get the briefings the Pres SHOULD get, but unexpected nonetheless.

    This was NOT unexpected, it was a given. Hurricanes happen every year, they're not going away, they're not some rare occurence, they do hit in the gulf, they've hit that area before, and the storms have been getting worse.

    That's something you can prepare for, something you get warning for, something you can do disaster exercises on.

    Those things weren't done due to lack of foresight. They weren't done due to lack of MONEY. And that's Congress' and the rethugs fault.

    They couldn't have stopped the hurricane, but they sure as hell could have been prepared better for it when it INEVITABLY came.

    •  I believe (none)
      bushco wanted this to happen.
      He reduced the corp of engineer's budget and eliminated the levy repair/upgrade and other flood control measures.
      Now that the ancient oil refiners have been damaged Halliburton can come in and, with a no bid emergency contract, replace them without that pesky epa regulation.
      The public is only going to focus on the $4 a gallon gasoline and let chimp-in-chief fill his pockets while cheney's company gets even richer.
      Too bad about the collateral (darkskinned) damage but those folks don't vote republiklan anyway. Just like over in that other gulf situation.
      Remember Catch 22's Milo Minderbender? What's good for the company is good for us.

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