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  •  I just called the DNC witht that exact complaint. (none)
    I just called the DNC to leave Howard a message.  I spoke to one of his assistants.  I explained to her that I cannot take one more Sunday talk show listening to the Bidens, and Bayhs.  I said that probably we will have a 2008 nominee who authorized this clusterfuck called Iraq and that I do not think that I can vote again for someone who is partly resposible for this mess.  I also said at least John Kerry is speaking out about the DSM etc.  Is Clinton?  Is Biden?  (our 2 most likely 2008 nominees).  I told her to tell Howard that he needs to kick them in their buts and tell them to speak OUT against this war and this administration.  The funds to fix the levees diverted to Iraq etc etc.  The only difference between corporate bought and paid for Repugs and Dems is that the Dems are pro choice.  BFD!  Like that is the #1 issue to keep me voting for anyone?  Anyway.  I have ranted enough.  She suggested that I call Biden and Clinton.  I have and it never changes anything.  I hope they are smart enough to come out screaming on this one!

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