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  •  One nitpick (4.00)
    This disaster, generically a major hurricane strinking this particular part of the Gulf Coast, falls into the 90% category.  This even was froseeable, AND FORSEEN.

    That said, you bring up an excellent point that has (as far as I know) been hitherto unmentioned - that the NOLA vulnerabilities that Katrina exploited with such catstrophic consequences could just as easily have been exploited by terrorists.  This is one of the reasons why I've been writing to editors and congresscritters, for literally years now, that the protection of NOLA has always been a major Homeland Security issue.

    And the rest of your analysis is spot on.  Bush is revealing to the world that he not only has no brain, he has no soul.

    And it further astounds me that we haven't heard any human reaction from the likes of McCain, Hagel, Frist, Delay, Lott, Hastert, etc.  You'd think that at least SOME of these guys, especially Lott (who, as I understand it, lost his home in Pascagoula), would be starting to publicly complain about the slow, meager and uncoordinated response.

    Beware those who claim to be "The Chosen", for they have already led themselves astray and seek to lead you down the same path. There are no "Chosen."

    by sxwarren on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 09:10:44 AM PDT

    •  good point (4.00)
      on the 90%.  Army Corps of Engineers has been warning for years that the levee system would fail in the event of a catastrophic storm so that would qualify it as foreseeable, albeit without knowing when.

      Hm... Kinda maybe like 9/11 and an August 2001 PDB??

      The revolution is coming... and we ARE the revolution. 65W40S

      by RenaRF on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 09:13:03 AM PDT

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      •  Which is the point I want to hammer (4.00)
        the MSM with - that the CoE had not only warned about this possibility, they'd actually developed comprehensive plans to rectify the situation and were in the process of implementing some of them when Bush cut the funding.

        Bush knew, or should have known, that an event like Katrina was inevitable.  Bush knew, or should have known, that vulnerabilities existed that endangered thousands of lives adn a critical point of failure in the nation's economic infrastructure as well.  Bush knew, or should have known, that there were plans in place to reduce or eliminate major vulnerabilities and to mitigate the potential for the catastrophe that has, indeed, befallen us.  And yet he cut the funding.

        Because taxes on the wealthy who benefit the most from the labors of people like the citizens of NOLA and Gulfport went uncollected.  Because what was left over in money and human resources, what WE pay and pay for, went to cover the expenses of an illegitimate and totally unnecessary war instead of protecting our own.

        This goes way beyond any speculation about what might have been known or done in advance regarding an event like 9/11.  This has always been REAL!

        Bush could, and should, be impeached, prosecuted and sentenced to life in prison for this madness alone, if not for his numerous other crimes against the citizens of the United States.

        Beware those who claim to be "The Chosen", for they have already led themselves astray and seek to lead you down the same path. There are no "Chosen."

        by sxwarren on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 09:37:42 AM PDT

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      •  Great Article with some specifics (none)
        Editor and Publisher has a great article on their website describing the reporting the Times-Picayune has done over the past few years on budget cuts for CoE projects for flood-control in New Orleans. These two paragraphs jumped out at me:
        At least nine articles in the Times-Picayune from 2004 and 2005 specifically cite the cost of Iraq as a reason for the lack of hurricane- and flood-control dollars.

        The 2004 hurricane season was the worst in decades. In spite of that, the federal government came back this spring with the steepest reduction in hurricane and flood-control funding for New Orleans in history.
    •  Good point... (none)
      As soon as that huricane went to Class 5 and was measured as one of the strongest storms in history (4th strongest ever measured according to The Weather Channel!) our Dear Leader should have been on a plane to Washington to coordinate the releaf efforts.  Instead, he plays guitar at a hand-picked audiance photo-op.

      "[A] 'Sharecropper's Society' [is] precisely where our trade policies, supported by Republicans and Democrats alike, are taking us." - Warren Buffet

      by RichM on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 09:19:09 AM PDT

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