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View Diary: Dear Mr. President - My Letter to the POTUS (146 comments)

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  •  Very powerful. Very upsetting. So horribly true! (none)
    Thank you for writing such an articulate letter to our misleader-in-chief.  The last paragraph made me cry, as I cried watching the news unfold and just get worse.  It really seems to be the difference between progressives and Bushies - we care - they don't.  I spent last night trying to imagine how 30,000 people could be trapped in the Superdome with no air conditioning, no toilets, no running water and be able to stay sane.  For those who are African-Americans, it must bring back images of slave ships crossing the Atlantic.  For our National Guard it must take all their resources and patience to keep the place from rioting outright.  I imagined porta-potties and generators having to be donated by compassionate companies because our government is bankrupt and our cupboards are bare.  I'm donating money to the Red Cross and praying for all Americans to rally around this tragedy and take a leadership position in the aftermath of this unprecidented disaster because our misleader-in-chief will never be able to handle.

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