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  •  Bush, New Orleans & the Death Tax (4.00)
    Now should not be the time, as Kevin Drum of the Washington Monthly has noted, for the politics of blame. In the wake of Katrina's devastation along the Gulf Coast, Americans should be united in providing relief, resources and support to all in need.

    But sadly, that massive relief effort will take place during a time of divisive and fundamental debate about the very meaning of national unity in the United States. As New Orleans struggles for survival, the President and his amen corner are waging a full scale assault on the Estate Tax, what they derisively (and effectively )term the "Death Tax." They will continue to pursue this massive transfer of the U.S. treasury to America's wealthiest, even as a mountain of evidence shows that successive Bush budget cuts devastated New Orleans' disaster preparedness and levee maintenance...

    For the full story, see:

    "New Orleans Pays the Death Tax."

    •  I agonized (none)
      before writing, sending and then posting this.  I'm not usually part of the vitriol crowd.  I don't typically refer to the President with bad names or anything of that ilk becuase there's a certain amount of decorum I think it is essential to maintain to be taken seriously.  Being taken seriously makes my arguments more powerful.  

      But this IS a political issue.  We stood by too many times, especially after 9/11, afriad to say something "unpatriotic".  But this is deplorable.  People are RIGHT NOW dying as a result of the things I outlined in my letter and a host of other things I didn't.  I couldn't take it any more.

      Thanks for your post and for the link.

      The revolution is coming... and we ARE the revolution. 65W40S

      by RenaRF on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 01:28:13 PM PDT

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