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View Diary: Money for Hurricane monitoring, early warning gone to MARS (8 comments)

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  •  What unfair association ?!?! (none)
    Just like right wingers, you are thinking Bush's WORDS make reality. Bush has proposed a trip to Mars but gave no money for it. His ACTIONS were complketely contrary to science and caused the cannibalization of several crucial scientific initiatives like the GPM and TRMM described above.

    There is no unfair association. Bush's directive to refocus on Mars, with zero budget for it DIRECTLY forced the cut on the Hurricane early warning system and all that responsible scientists could do is "bet" that the TRMM satellite is going to kill less people when it falls than the lives it's information saves.

    •  We knew the Hurrican was going to hit (none)
      The only people still there (mostly) chose to stay.    The only way money was going to stop this thing was if they filled sandbags with pennies.

      Criticize Bush for his handling of the crisis (let's give John McCain a birthday cake!) or the fact that all of our National Gaurdsmen are busy worrying about EVERYTHING other than flood waters right now.  Call Bush accountable for an energy policy that makes this disaster especially devastating or bankruptcy laws that will make the survivors' lives hell, but don't blame him for the hurricane.

      Experience reality in the world, not on TV.

      by DCArchitect on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 11:51:16 AM PDT

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      •  I am not blaming him for the hurricane! (none)
        I am blaming him for cutting funds for an early warning system.

        Read the first line of my diary. A strong hurricane in that reagion was not a matter of "If it would happen" but a matter of "When it happens" would we be prepared ?

        It is very simple: Hurricanes happen. All we can do about them is prepare. Not by putting dimes in sandbags or by daydreaming about building empires in the sand, but by actually filling sandbags, buying pumps, equipment, levees. Clinton released funds for the preparartions and early warning systems and Bush cut those funds. It is his fault so many people's lives and property got destroyed.

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