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    Your Town Is Next

    The central thread of the New Orleans situation is that there for years there wasn't enugh money for protecting the city. So no protection was in place when disaster arrived. (Actaully the levees have been in a constant state of disrepair for decades-shall we string up all of the congressmen and women of the past 40 years for falling down on the job?  It is impossible for all of the hundreds of levees to be upgraded without decades-long commitment to the task.)

    The engineers charged with protecting the city from hurricane flooding saw their budgets slashed again and again since 2000, leaving them at the last to beg for emergency funds all this year for fixing just the weakest levees. The very levees now leaking billions of gallons of dirty water into the city.  (Congress controls the counties' budget, not the executive branch. Who in Congress is responsible for these budget cuts)

    No dice, said the Bush people. Iraq. 9/11. War President. It's hard. Vacation. Terry Schiavo. Vacation. 9/11 is hard.

    Seeing a community heartlessly stripped of its ability to protect, feed or fend for itself makes you wonder -- what has Bush stripped from my community? (actually it is your congressman or woman that would have cut your federal funding-and your local government that would have reduced your local community funding-presumably if you are active in local politics you would actually know what servies have been cut) What have we lost right here since 2000? Education, National Guard, police, gas prices, Medicaid, Medicare, Parks & Recreation, flood control, emergency preparedness? (read your paper-ask your congressman if you are ignorant about your local services)

    What's been taken from my town, in the night, when no one was looking?  (I doubt anything was taken in the night when no one was looking-I'll bet your local govenment knows exactly what services were cut and when those cuts took place.  If you live in Florida or Delaware it would be quite easy to remedy any cuts by instituting a state income tax or state sales tax, respectively-imagine entire states where no one pays state income tax or state sales tax).

    The Bush gang has been quietly stealing from all of us, to give to the rich, to run a war of aggression on behalf of their oil company cronies. (Actually there has been a very vocal opposition to all of the recent tax cuts-Bush has simply had the votes in congress-democtatic votes included-to get his tax cuts.  The war in Iraq was also approved by a large majority in congress and continues to be funded by a majority in congress--Hillary Clinton included.)

    This is a bustout, town by town, across this country. A mafia crew is running the White House, siphoning off our assets to their pals, feeding upon America, running up debts for our grandkids to cope with.  ( Bush can't run for reelection --nor can he spend our money or give tax cuts, without the complicity of congress-shall we instead focus our efforts on those that actually must run for reelection and who might change their minds on who gets out tax dollars?  Like maybe the 20-some Democratic Senators who supported the Iraq war and still support the President in funding and fighting?)

    It's catching up with New Orleans right now.

    Your Town Is Next.

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