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    New Orleans is in much worse shape than Fla.  In Florida, they don't have to fix the levees and then pump the water out to get the city dry again.  Instead the water runs off and people can generally start rebuilding rather quickly.

    In New Orleans, it sounds like almost everyone who lives in the city proper will be homeless for at least a month.  They are already saying that EVERYONE has to leave if they haven't already.  And that its going to be a month (minimum) before people can come back.

    They've got to fix the levees.  Without that, pumping the water out is silly as more will just come in. NO is below sea level.  Then they have to pump out a massive amount of water.  The water in the city is soon to be toxic.  There are dead animals and people decaying in the water.  An article I read says the expect many of the chemical and fuel tanks in the city to break loose from their moorings.  So the water that eventually gets pumped out of the city is likely to be a stagnant, toxic, polluted hellish mess.  Then when that water gets pumped out, everything in the city will be coated with that residue.  Not to mention what shape buildings will be in after being under water for a month.  And that's if all the oil and gas in the water doesn't catch fire and burn parts of the city.

    New Orleans is in much worse shape than Florida after the hurricanes there.  And New Orleans needs a lot more help to get back on its feet.  For instance, what are the economics of the city going to be like with everyone evacuated for a month and zero tourist dollars coming in?

    But hey, the people of New Orleans shouldn't worrry.  I'm sure the Bush Administration will send the crack team that's been reconstruction Baghdad to New Orleans to help reconstruct that city.  Why do I smell more Haliburton pork contracts in the works?

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      no, no, you dont just pump the water out and then move back into your house that has been submerged that long.  After a few days the water soaks into every part of the house matterials, not to mention all the carpeting and furnature.  You wouldn't get me sleeping under a waterlogged ceiling.  Plus all the debree, sewer stuff, any toxins from other places, dead and living animals in the water.  Then as you drain it walls will begin pealing right off the studs...if you can drain that much water.  And then watch the structural integrity go right out the window.  A nice old rickety house, with walls that now weigh twice as much from the water...stuff starts falling apart...the wall board that might have helped keep a old wall from shifting too much falls off...creeeeek.  Nah - nobody in those submerged neighborhoods is moving back in anytime soon. - Collective Political and Community Journalism by NYers for NYers

      by atomicBirdsong on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 11:14:11 AM PDT

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