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    If you go there, here are some ideas. I don't know if any of them are practical, but I was just trying to think of what I would try to do if I could go to New Orleans and help with the relief effort. I made a donation to the relief effort today, but I don't know of any good place to go to offer ideas.

    • Use planes to drop food, water, simple clothes, shoes and baby supplies in rafts all over the city, so that people no longer have a desperate reason to loot.

    • Call up companies that sell solar battery chargers and solar-powered radios and beg them to send you as many of these things as possible for free. Or call up your local chamber of commerce and ask it to help you pay for the solar-powered chargers and radios. Then put as many as you can in your backpack, and ask any friends going later to do the same, and give these out to as many people as you can. Even if there's one working radio per 30 people, that's probably a huge improvement over the current situation, and the solar-powered radios and battery chargers probably will be almost as helpful once people are evacuated or housed in tent cities near New Orleans as they would be today.

    • Is there a place that stores airplane life rafts that are somehow obsolete? If so, why not send a bunch of them to New Orleans?

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