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  •  a minor, but extremely cogent point (4.00)
    ...Democrats have no say over Iraq policy. Democratic alternatives for Iraq are simply political statements...

    REPEAT:  Dems have no power!  I hear these pundits continually saying, "Well, would the Dems really be doing anything differently?"  And then I read about Paul Hackett's ideas and Wesley Clark's ideas and they sound logical and do-able.  But do these statments really matter?  A fraction of the US population is even exposed to these ideas and the ones who do read them forget them in two days because, guess what?  DEMS HAVE NO POWER!!!!  Our side can throw out suggestion after suggestion after suggestion, but do you really think that any of these ideas will be used?  I certainly don't...  

    We need to emulate the Republicans and just keep hammering away without throwing any alternatives out there like they did with the bombing of Milosevic.  Hammer and hammer and hammer away some more.  Analysis and suggestions will get us nowhere, because WE HAVE NO/NADA/ZERO/ZILCH POWER.  Calling a grub a fucking grub is what we need to do to get the power necessary to try and salvage something from this fucking mess.

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