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  •  You're giving the left way too much credit (4.00)
    You speak as if the left can even be heard in this country.

    If every Democratic politician in the country went on the warpath against Bush, attempting to politicize the hurricane - collectively, they wouldn't get 5 minutes on any of the current cable news networks.

    Anyways, you're too late -- the right has already decided that the left is exploiting the Hurricane:

    •  They are being heard. (none)
      The media was covering Cindy Sheehan like crazy before the hurricane swamped New Orleans. And Senators Feingold and Wyden have each presented excellent level-headed cases for withdrawal from Iraq each of the last two Sundays.

      There was a long time when we weren't heard, but things are getting better these last few months.

    •  Katrina is the perfect storm. (none)
      It stands for almost everything that is wrong with the GOP
      and Bush administration. Some fingers can and should be pointed at the GOP.
       And frankly this is one of the few times that the GOP does not have control of the media.
      It is a time to tell the truth.

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