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    As a somewhat objective (and certainly non-partisan, though a committed liberal (meaning pro-individual rights, pro-personal accountability, pro-privacy, but not pro-pedophilia, nor pro-corruption and degradation, nor pro-fiscal irresponsibility (these seem naturally to be the province of the "conservatives" at the moment anyway--why does the press associate them with liberalism?))) observer of American politics it astonishes me at this point that there is any doubt about what the winning electoral issue ought to be.

    Catastrophic leadership failure at all levels beginning with the President and Vice-President. Sanctioned incompetence and arrogance. Corruption in the name of electoral success. Indifference to the plight of the country, the citizens, the world.

    It may be "politically unwise" to state the truth now, but it ought to be abundantly clear what it says about the character of a man that he can jovially strum a guitar for the cameras while his citizens, who he swore to defend and protect, are dying in thousands in the worst calamity to hit the nation in a century. The facts actually being much worse than the perception (as diaried elsewhere to great effect) simply underscores that the current misery (not to mention the misery of those in Iraq, of those who lost loved ones in Iraq, of those still looking for work after more than 3 years of "economic recovery", etc.) and the future misery, brought about by this administration's absolute venality, incompetence, indifference and contempt for those with whom they differ, would be powerful political weapons for any party actually interested in righting all these wrongs.

    Sad to say, the problem is not with Bush but ourselves. As long as there is still more willingness for the Bidens and Liebermans et al to attack Howard Dean for speaking an uncomfortable truth, rather than attacking the President for lying to them, misleading them, abdicating his responsibility, rank incompetence and worse, what is likely to change?

    But can there really be any other issue than the worst President in history destroying much of the country, it's history and it's future?

    "...there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Hamlet, Act II, Scene ii.

    by thingamabob on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 09:52:31 PM PDT

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