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  •  I give one. (none)
    "Of shit the fuck up - because you aren't doing anything but blowing hot air."

    I really haven't been keeping track, is fladem for real or somebody's talking-point tool?

    OK, I looked up his most recent posts, May 5, December 4, Oct 24. Oct 14, and he writes like a democrat.

    So that implies this really is an emotional issue and not just a thug smokescreen.

    Myself, if I was delivering 1000 meals to a refugee camp that had 5000 people in it, I'd want to mention that we were doing the best we could but the funding got cut and the helicopters are in iraq. It would be worth mentioning, something people would be interested in.

    I can see people getting bothered that there could be a few democrat strategists as heartless as the average republican strategist, who think about how to limit the damage republicans can do to them when they could be spending 100% of their effort helping people. I'm not sure what to do about that.

    Like, we could start a campaign to donate all existing democratic campaign contributions and all paid democratic salaries to disaster relief. We could do our part to make up for the money the republicans cut from the budget. But....

    It looks like a real true issue that I have no idea what to do about. Things like this could turn into important republican talking points. And yet somehow Little Green Footballs doesn't seem to hurt the repubicans at all.

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