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  •  i heard several others today (none)
    I cam across P. Zahn speaking to a nurse at a hospital. No water, generator running out all the  time, nurses being rehydrated through IV. They had no idea when someone was coming for them. It was local Police & Fire who were helping to keep them going. She was begging.

    And Zahn kept interrupting her, asking these inane questions. Aaarrrggh! Yes, she needs to keep the person focused. I'm sure if she didn't interject with questions the nurse might have lost it. But she had her schedule to think of, director buzzing away in her ear. This poor women (she sounded quite young) is speaking to someone on the outside, broadcasting their situation so that someone with authority might know and Paula had her cruel & stupid leading questions ("How do you expect to make it through this" or some such) and away we went to commercial or looting(!) or i don't know what.

    The media have for the most part done a good job of getting (precious) pictures and info out of the affected areas. They have sophisticated magic in the form of sat phones. Yesterday i stood (and then sat) mesmerized by video of Coast Guard and National Guard helo crews plucking people from rooftops. The video just went on and on. Real American Heroes in action. I also watched the governor's news conference nearly uniterrupted and found out real news. The media need to realize that, aside from the moral obligation they have considering the equipment they put in there, we would actually pay attention to them were they to spend less time gasping and shouting and instead showed us what is going on. At the very least for the authorities, since you know they all have the 'news' on constantly so as to gather intelligence.

    And don't give any of that "the situation is murky fro us here in Atlanta." I know the reporters are having difficulty travelling. But maybe they could get more done if they weren't so busy reporting on casinos. Police, Fire, everybody is incommunicado. Local cops are winging it. They're siphoning gas out of cars and are scrounging for food like everyone else.

    I tell you, there'd be a clearer picture for the authorities if there were more Jean Meserves (and producer and crew – i heard one was working on a broken foot in there).

    I got snippy yesterday to someone here who was wondering "where are all the helicopters?" Well, after hearing some of these things today and this evening i am well and truly pissed as well.

    "What they found is a silver bullet in the form of a person."

    by subtropolis on Wed Aug 31, 2005 at 11:23:20 PM PDT

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