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  •  Someone needs to coordinate action (none)
    Stop looking for someone else to do what needs doing. Just do it.
    Yeah, right.

    An uncoordinated mob will always be defeated by a smaller disciplined army. The Republicans are in office because they are highly disciplined and have no organized opposition.

    My LTEs are already sent, with more to come. Same for my money. I am a Democratic Precinct Chair. I'm just damned tired of trying to do it alone, especially here in Texas where admitting you are a Democrat has become some form of social disease. I think I have earned the right to be disgusted at the Democratic Party failure.

    What have YOU done? Voted for Nadar?

    Recovering Perfectionist IWDWIC (I Will Do What I Can) - Politics Plus Stuff

    by Rick B on Thu Sep 01, 2005 at 09:17:28 AM PDT

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    •  asdf (none)
      I don't have any money to spare, but I've been waging a campaign in the Denton Record-Chronicle for the past few years on the letter page. I ran for school board just to see what it was like to run for office (and because I hate unopposed elections), and am thinking about running for State Congress here in Texas. If I do, though, I won't run as a Democrat unless the party gets some real leadership. Just because I despise the Republicans doesn't mean I'm going to sign on with a bunch of dudes who can't figure out how to say "Bush sucks."
      •  You can't beat something with nothing (none)
        And in a two-party system, third parties and independents are nothing. I'm from Denton, live in Fort Worth, and was represented previously by Martin Frost. Now there is this ignorant MD from Lewisville. [God save us from overtrainned and undereducated technicians who attempt politics when they have some spare money to waste! Frist and Ron Paul, anyone?]

        If you can work hard enough to run for office, you can work hard enough to help turn the Democratic Party in Texas back into a political party from whatever gutter it currently resides in. You have no other vehicle with which to effectively make a difference. It takes people working in groups to change politics.

        That is why Libertarians are self-defeating fools. People aren't just individuals. They are as much social or pack animals as dogs are, and politics is a group activity. If you can't work with others, you a politically useless.

        Recovering Perfectionist IWDWIC (I Will Do What I Can) - Politics Plus Stuff

        by Rick B on Thu Sep 01, 2005 at 11:27:36 AM PDT

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    •  I've done and am doing plenty... (none)
      No need to pee on fire hydrants but I am doing all that you've listed and more. And I'll keep working my ass off doing it until either the Democratic Party rights its ship, folds under the weight of its own crap or people like you and I take it over and fix it. The difference here is I realize I'm not alone even if much of the time it seems like it.

      Do you have any elected Democrats near you? If so make sure they know you want them to step up. If not -- write Reid and Pelosi and Dean.

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