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    I don't have any money to spare, but I've been waging a campaign in the Denton Record-Chronicle for the past few years on the letter page. I ran for school board just to see what it was like to run for office (and because I hate unopposed elections), and am thinking about running for State Congress here in Texas. If I do, though, I won't run as a Democrat unless the party gets some real leadership. Just because I despise the Republicans doesn't mean I'm going to sign on with a bunch of dudes who can't figure out how to say "Bush sucks."
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      And in a two-party system, third parties and independents are nothing. I'm from Denton, live in Fort Worth, and was represented previously by Martin Frost. Now there is this ignorant MD from Lewisville. [God save us from overtrainned and undereducated technicians who attempt politics when they have some spare money to waste! Frist and Ron Paul, anyone?]

      If you can work hard enough to run for office, you can work hard enough to help turn the Democratic Party in Texas back into a political party from whatever gutter it currently resides in. You have no other vehicle with which to effectively make a difference. It takes people working in groups to change politics.

      That is why Libertarians are self-defeating fools. People aren't just individuals. They are as much social or pack animals as dogs are, and politics is a group activity. If you can't work with others, you a politically useless.

      Recovering Perfectionist IWDWIC (I Will Do What I Can) - Politics Plus Stuff

      by Rick B on Thu Sep 01, 2005 at 11:27:36 AM PDT

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