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  •  well, if you ever swing this way (none)
    I'll spring for a beer at our local brewpub.  Since we share tastes in beer, I know you'll like it.  Even get a firkin if you time it right.  My fave is our local uniplex that has Barley's on tap and double features!  Some movies need a beer!

    Barley's & Barley's Smokehouse
    Columbus OH

    •  Excellent! (none)
      One of my best friends from college works at a Children's Hospital there doing research. The only time I've ever been to your city was during those same college years, and all I remember is you guys beat LSU in football, then dancing on tables, then peeing in the street while people staggered by not noticing. That was in 1988. I may have (definitely) changed a bit since then, but I'll bet Columbus is still crazy!
      •  yeah I worked at Children's (none)
        for years, Children's has always been my favorite employer.  I lived close enough to campus to dread football games.   Now they string cables along the sidewalks on campus to keep the partiers out of the street.  

        Having OSU for a neighbor was a mixed bag.  We had the best selection of cheap takeout that you could find in central Ohio and the hordes of fans from the games.

        Hope the travel nursing game is working out for you.  I remember seeing ads for that kind of work.

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