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  •  Okay... (none)

    Condolences in the form of a letter to Bush on September 30.

    Concerning help:
    We stand by our American friends
    (Official website of the German government in German)
    First half mentions that Germany stands ready to help if the US government asks for specific help. Like water purification equipment, prefabricated homes and so on. And that Chancellor Schroeder has ordered all government departments to check what else could be offered.
    Foreign secretary Fischer adds that the German embassy will assist any German citizen stranded in the disaster zone. But that for now there doesn´t seem to be any German victims.
    (My translation)

    German Red Cross
    "The dramatic events of the last few days in the USA have resulted in a huge wave of support in Germany for the victims of this hurricane. The German Red Cross asks for donations and will forward them to the American Red Cross."
    (My translation of the first sentences.)

    German TV news channel
    (My translation of the main points.)
    German Red Cross opens specific bank account for donations for the US victims of hurricane Katrina after countless telephone calls by German people willing to donate.
    Farther down in the article:
    The German Red Cross could also offer for example water purification equipment if needed. And personnal but notes that entry into the USA is a problem because of American visa regulations.
    But if asked they certainly would send aid and rescue personnal.
    The aid organisation "Care International Germany" is also asking for donations.

    USA thanks Russia for offer of help, says it can handle crisis
    WASHINGTON, September 1 (Itar-Tass) - The United States said it is thankful to Russia for the readiness to provide assistance in eliminating the consequences of the Katrina hurricane, but believes it can handle the crisis on its own.

    Video Clip

    •  German based (none)
      Bayer Group pledges $2 million cash and product donations through its US based Bayer Corporation.
      Will match Bayer employee donations dollar for dollar, which will then be donated to the American Red Cross.

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