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View Diary: The Breaches Happened Monday; The Media's Been Lying To You (28 comments)

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  •  according the New Orleans newspaper (none)
    it was discovered "late Monday morning."

    See my post above for link to Times-Picayune story re: locals discovering the breach, but other local media (am radio, TV) were also reporting the broken levee in a timely fashion.

    It's been a continued puzzle to me why so many dKos posters are apparently ignoring the astounding local media resources, in favor of reports from the national media that are nowhere near as timely or accurate. (stream, news, blog), (Times-Picayune website)

    sorry, I don't mean to pick on you, and I'm sure you know this, really, but OK, CNN is useful, but so is the local media.

    •  According to your own post referenced (none)
      You posted:

      "Also, another Times-Picayune story/breaking news item had local officials out at 9:30 a.m. Monday morning checking reports of a broken levee, and not being able to tell if it had breached or was just still overtopping."

      I was reading all of the local news I could get at the time the storm as raging, which included 9:30am Monday, (your condescending chiding about my CNN reference, aside).  There were excellent links posted here at dKos to local news being posted from inside the storm area, as best as they could be kept operational.  "" was one of them.

      I saw this report you referenced, at the time it was posted.  Note the statement, which you even quoted:  "reports of a broken levee and not being able to tell if it had breached or was just still overtopping."  

      The storm was still raging at that point.   Which is the point I made:  that there was too much confusion until the storm passed for any definitive discovery of breach to be made, from what I can discern from available information.

      At the very least, I don't think anyone or any news media is trying to lie or cover this one up.  Not this time.

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