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View Diary: Hastert: why rebuild New Orleans? It's just gonna get flooded again. (188 comments)

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  •  Your concern for the citizens of New Orleans (none)
    is so great, that you would deny them the choice of whether they rebuild their city or not because pushing the climate change meme is more important for your agenda?  Who's being selfish?  Yeah, yeah, I'm just dunking my beignet in blood, heartless monster that I am, all but personally chaining those poor wretches to the French Quarter so that they can shuck oysters for me when I visit.  Has it occurred to you that they may want to live there?  God knows all my friends there love the place.

    The funny thing is, I'm sort of an environmentalist myself, almost an extremist in fact, and I'm sure you and I would agree about a lot.  I just happen to feel that NO is one of the two or three coolest cities in AMerica, and I think it's worth saving, even at tremendous expense, even if it slips beneath the waves in a hundred years.

    No one likes armed missionaries. -- Robespierre.

    by Gator Keyfitz on Thu Sep 01, 2005 at 03:21:20 PM PDT

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