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View Diary: Hastert: why rebuild New Orleans? It's just gonna get flooded again. (188 comments)

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    How DARE you recommend that New Orleans not be rebuilt?  Is your next suggestion going to be that we might as well just seal the whole area off and let everyone trapped inside it die?

    That's par for your course, fatass, but not for America's.  You and your heartless, hateful, sneering Republican cronies are done.  It took a national calamity to wake this country up and see just how little you and your little golfing friends and oil mavens care, but now everyone can see with their own eyes what you really are.  The breadth of your arrogance is only matched by the depths of your lack of compassion.

    This is your last term, fat boy.  Maybe after the outraged voters of Illinois and around the country turn you and your fellow Republican thugs out into the street, you can go sweat off some of that lard by helping rebuild a levee.  Maybe Habitat for Humanity would let you swing a hammer or carry a wagonload of bricks.  I'd love to see you do something good for this country for the first time in your sorry, hateful political career.

    Hey!  Why wait?  Resign now, apologize for being a worthless piece of plutocratic Republican garbage, and haul your sloppy ass down to New Orleans or Gulfport and ask someone what you can do to help.  It's not too late to do something decent with your life.

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