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View Diary: BREAKING: FEMA to rescue workers: Pay for your own gas! (129 comments)

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  •  I wonder if this would be... (none)
    ...some sort of push to move FEMA's responsibilities to faith-based initiatives?

    Sadly, this wouldn't surpise me one bit.  And it's a national scandal.

    •  Looks like it (4.00)
      The more I see, the more convinced I am that this is exactly what's going on.

      Josh Marshall talks about the various charities that are listed by FEMA as places people can give to help with Katrina cleanup.  And of 18 listed, only one is non-religious.

      Fancy that.  Combined with news that FEMA's basically been gutted, and I think we have the beginnings of yet another scandal.

      Good going, freakshow wingnuts.  You have yet more blood on your extremist hands.

      •  Although Catholic Charities.... (none)
        has done and is doing a lot for me, it is amazing to me that there is only one secular group listed. People need to keep in mind that the Red Cross is a Christian organization. I have nothing against religious charities, I just think a few secular ones, like Mercy Corp and Doctors without Borders should also be included. And to put Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing anywhere on the list is unspeakable.
    •  There is also anti-FEMA paranoia (none)
      FEMA has been an element in the right's black-helicopter conspiracy theories for years.  They view it as part of an apparatus to be used to declare martial law over the entire country.

      This dismantling could well be partly in response to that.  I would not put it past Bushco.

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