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  •  Volitile - this place could ignite literally (4.00)
    Imagine This is you.  

    You wanted to get out of town but your car was out of commission. No money to fix it fast. You got some food and water and hunkered down with you child to ride out the storm. Hallelujah! you made it.

    Next thing you know folks are yelling to get out, the water is rising fast. You grab our little girl and some stuff, some pampers and bottles, whatever and you get out of there.

    You heard go to the, go to the Convention center and you followed the rules. You went. You sat. As an American, you know help is on the way. You've seen rescues before.

    You sit and you wait. You chat with the other mothers and grandmothers. Swapping stories, sharing worries. But help is on the way. Hot day. Dark, sweltering night. Cramped in a corner for safety. You don't sleep really. No place decent to pee. The baby sits in wet pampers as you try to ration them out. Water everywhere. Another day passes. Help is on the way you hear. Great! Then another. You waited for buses that came but didn't stop. Nobody has told you why. Nobody can tell you nothing. The police speed away. You haven't really eaten in 4 days. It is hot, it stinks, dead bodies piling up around you. The stink is everywhere.

    Days have passed. Sitting on some filthy street with your despondent baby in arms. No food to give her. No water. She is despondent. You look up from your perch and see the cameras on the roof. You've see the CNN guys taking pictures for days. You know the world knows your plight. Nobody can tell you anything. You talk to the other ladies youv's stuck with for safety. I am an American, damn it. I pay taxes and vote. Where is FEMA? Where is the Red Cross?

    THe next thing you see are army trucks. Finally! Food and water. Folks start craning and standing, pushing, shoving. Some fool shoots a gun. Folks start running.The military jump out locked and loaded and aimed. RIOT! SHoot to KIll.

    John Roberts- You can't book a judge by his cover.

    by digital drano on Fri Sep 02, 2005 at 01:04:50 AM PDT

    •  Well written!! I fear the worst (none)
      if the shooting starts. I posted upthread that this will bring riots in the streets of America!!
      All because of unforgivable actions by our government.

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