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  •  Why are the media not quoteing this guy! (none)
    Tonight, FoxNews ran a banner headline, "N.O. mayor issues S.O.S."

    Even FoxNews buried the truth way down deep. Here's what the mayor ACTUALLY said......

    The CEO of the hospital, along with a physician both heard this today from the mouth of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on a local radio station. This is a close paraphrase, I am told:

    "I want the fucking president to get down here right now! He flew over in Air Force One - and what the fuck good does that do? I want the fucking military down here! I know I¹m going to lose my fucking job and I don¹t fucking care, because this place is a fucking jungle......

    The Jefferson Parish president, reportedly violently angry, chimed in to add that "the U.S. is at war with itself, and we surrender. The U.S. can help all the countries in the world, but can't help the city of New Orleans...."

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