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  •  Yes, I think so. (none)
    I have never seen people so angry. People on line at Staples yesterday were shouting about Bush, I've never seen rage like this--not violent, but tense and loud.
    •  But... (none)
      Staples IS George Bush. Is an arm of BushCo.

      A big, incompetent organization that hires undereducated kids at slave wages to sell mostly bullshit merchandise about which they know nothing.

      People ought to be shouting on the lines of EVERY chain store.

      Home Depot?

      Homeland Depot.

      Homeland DESPOT.

      It has taken this kind of disaster to wake us up.

      I can't wait to see how they try to put us to sleep again.

      And the game plays on...

      HOMEBOY Security to the rescue.



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